The Bed Experiment

26 01 2007

Last night I slept in our guest bedroom.  No I wasn’t ousted by my husband, I had (and still have) alot of work to do. I’m just taking a break.  I’m back at the office, its just after 7am.

I thought to myself during my last blog break if my cats would sleep where they always sleep (at the bottom of my side of the bed in the master bedroom) – or would they sleep where ever I am.

I am pleased to say that for this first portion of the experiement, my moggies came to join me.

 They love me, they really love me.





9 responses

26 01 2007

thanks for the comment on my blog. nice to know i’m not the only one out here thinking that way. but you are definitely right, i can be part of the solution, or join everybody else. i’m going for the solution. have a good one

26 01 2007

thanks for the add on the blogroll.

keep up the good work!

14 03 2007
Cathy Nitchey

Great blog, good job getting it all together 🙂

15 03 2007

Thanks Cathy Spamerton for your comment, yes, my blog has come all together hasn’t it.

26 03 2007
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