I’m Grumpy

25 01 2007


I hate to start of this entry being so cliche – but what the heck – I can’t be arsed to think of another way of starting it off (or have I??)

Today was one of those days. . . .

I suppose I can legitmatly blame my bad mood, tired gaunt face and general temperment on “that time of the month” . . . Alot of things have bothered me this week, as individual incidents they are tiny and petty, but to a woman in my state combined with all those said tiny and petty incidents its a recipe for “one of those days”

I love the company I work for, I work in an industry that I am totally and geninually interested in. I work with some of the most important and influencial people in that industry. There have been executive meetings all week, and the stress levels in the building are much higher when these types of meetings are happening, and even though the main part of that stress is behind closed doors – where the little people don’t see – the scramble to complete normal regular duties lumped on those little people (ie little people like me) – I feel the stress. Heck, its 11:30 at night, and I’m taking a break from my work to have a much needed blog break.  I can’t believe I am still working right now, its hours and hours after my official work day ended.  I guess this is what it is like to burn the midnight oil.
Perhaps the lack of sleep has caught up to me too, everything just bugs me, from fax and photocopier machines being moved, to doors being locked, to more work being piled on my desk to my favourite thing of all the cc game I’m rambling.

I need some positive feedback, I’m running on empty. I need some motivation and kudos thrown my way. Its been a long, busy and stressful week. I really want someone to say “hey Joey good work”.

Then it will all feel worth it.

I certainly don’t work for the money, (although some more of the green stuff sent my way wouldn’t go a miss either) I work for that satifaction . . .




5 responses

25 01 2007

Hey Joey – good work.

Seriously. If you’re still working at 11:30, you’re one of a rare breed. I know, because I do it, too. And it’s one of those days for me, too.

Now gotta read more of your blog. Right after I finish one more html file. *lol*

25 01 2007

Hey LindaC, thanks for stopping by – saw you comment of Fracas’ blog.

I’m glad I’m not the only one of that rare breed. . . it was getting kinda lonely!


26 01 2007

I laughed my head off at the cc game. One of the companies I am currently working with is like that. They cc everyone. lol.

Btw, Fracas is my very awesome sister.

26 01 2007

Sisters? Wow! Both have great blogs. . . .you must have a good blogging gene in your family!

The CC game is frustrating, but when you can remove yourself, and look back, it can actually be funny. . . . . .

Everyone so keen to make themselves feel important. . . . . . .

One of the guys that works in one of the US facilities doesn’t get any emails (I think his email isn’t on the ‘send to all employees’ list) and he adores being blissfully unaware. . . . . .

22 11 2007



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