Carded ::: Going to the Library

25 01 2007

library card


Recently a fellow blogger Penseroso jogged my memory of how long it had been since I had actually stepped foot in a library.

Even though my local is a french library, I’m going to take a ride to a library in the West Island and take a few easy read books out.

I’m flying back to Toronto this weekend for a shower for Kate & Paul, and being car-less all weekend I’m sure I’ll lots of time to devote to the written word.




One response

25 01 2007

Chris is an avid reader. He probably goes through a book a week. He’s a regular at the library. The best is he even picks out books for me. He says he just finds something pink and checks it out. Somehow his system works. We’ve both saved a ton of money going to the library. It’s really a waste for me to buy a book. It’s expensive, I usually finish the thing in 2 days because I can’t just read a couple chapters a night, I have to get to the end. The books I read, as you guessed, are pretty much just fluff, so displaying them on a book shelf is really no badge of honor. Good for you for going to the library.

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