The CC Game

23 01 2007

I hate the CC game.

What is the CC game you ask- – – well,  Its when you send and email to someone, and their reply has everyone, including the dog, your mother and the whole defensive line up of the local football team included!

I suppose its a natural ‘problem’ as the work place becomes more and more dependant on email and webservices over a jaunt down the hall to someone’s office or a boardroom table meeting.
I can’t say that I’m innocent with the CC game myself, but I am mearly a mild offender, and the fact that I am a Blackberry user can only mean I am on the road to a downward spirl into total and utter CC’ing.  Perhaps there are prevention services, or a help line I can call. . .  .

To this point, I rarely see the point in CC’ing ‘The Boss’ in on emails.  ‘The Boss’ doesn’t get where they are by dealing with every teeny tiny small insignicant problem, they have ‘People’.  I am one of those ‘People’.

I think the CC game is a modern verison of ‘Never Cry Wolf’.  I’m sure there are several people I work with that ‘The Boss’ almost exculsivly ignores all emails from.  Once in a blue moon that I actually need to email The Boss, I am lucky enough to usually get a reply within the hour if not sooner.


So, how does one combat the evils of the dreaded CC game?   Any ideas?  I’m open to suggestions. . . .

Brainstorming. . .

  1. Write a disclaimer in every email “Do not forward to anyone other than the original receipiants”
  2. Stop emailing all together.  Perhaps try to bring carrier piegon back.
  3. Send an indivual email to every single person you were going to CC in on the email
  4. Be perfect, don’t have problems.  No need to CC anyone in any emails barring the weekly joke, or cat of the day picture
  5. Blind CC on every email
  6. Actually walk to someone’s office and discuss the issue.



6 responses

23 01 2007
Diva Kitty

Thanks for the comments on my whiskers!

24 01 2007

I learned the hard way to use Blind CC. I run a young adults group at my church and use a mailing list to keep everyone updated. I used to use CC for this.

But then came The Incident. One of the women got offended at another. She was genuinely hurt and told a lot of people about it. The other woman, to get her point of view across, decided to respond by sending a bitter, long-winded rant to everyone on the entire list, many of whom didn’t even know her!

I switched to BCC not long after that. Both women have since moved on.

25 01 2007

Joey, I worked in this office where it was my department head that did that. She was a control freak and I totally hated that. Nevermind you end up getting ten times the mail you should get when everyone starts doing it because it’s the deparment head doing it so they think they’d better do it to.


I guess that was only topped off by the day that we all started having to keep a detailed log of how we spent our time. So the log ended up having to have a category for how much time we spent logging our time in the log.

(That category created/added by me since I’m such a smart ass.)


This cartoon says it all:

25 01 2007

Oops.. the image didn’t work. Paste this into your browser.

25 01 2007

Hahahahahahha. Thanks for that Fracas. . .

I totally relate.

I think the worse part of the CC game isn’t even so much filling in people who really have no need to know.

Its the “broken telephone” syndrome that goes with it.

30 got the bloody email, yet no understood it – so all these people that had to be informed aren’t informed at all. . . .


25 01 2007
I’m Grumpy « miscellaneous musings & moggie mischief

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