Where have all the Young. . . Bloggers gone. . . .

22 01 2007


People by nature are restless people. . . .never staying in one place very long.  I suppose your blog home is the same.

In my own blogging history, I started at MySpace (I am totally honest when I say it was work related when I opened my MySpace account), I really enjoyed blogging – so I decided to try it on ‘for real’ and here I am.

I don’t actually know what made me choose “WordPress” over the hundreds of other free blogging services.  I think it might be this blog of a couple living abroad, friends of friend you know, and I liked the look and feel of their page.
And with my move from MySpace to WordPress I anounced for my readers that I would be moving, and I hoped that they followed me in my move.

Now having been a part of the WordPress blogging community for  about 4 months I’ve seen many people come and go,  others undecided where they want to take their blogging, and others just falls of the face of the universe with a swift tap of the ‘delete’ button.

What prompts the need for change?  Can we not be satified with what we have?  Is the grass really greener on the other side?  What am I missing out on?


Although it annoys me a bit forever reading “I’m moving” posts in the TagSurfer, I am happy those nomads in my life let me know where their travels are taking them.

Good luck to all you Bloggers!  Its a tough blogging world!

no·mad (măd) pronunciation

  1. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land.
  2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.



7 responses

23 01 2007

Well, gosh Joey, I don’t know if you’re “missing out” on anything if you’re happy where you are. In my case, I decided to have the best of both worlds: move and stay put at the same time. In a moment of fleeting rage I decided to go to another blogging service, only to have a change of heart and decide to stay. But I also don’t want to give up my new blogs.

The reason? Well, for me, all three of the services I’ve signed up with — wordpress, blogger, typepad — have unique advantages, but none of them are perfect (typepad, though, is looking better). So in order to have the perfect blog, I need to have three blogs.

Think about that. Maybe one day it will make sense. When it does, could you please tell me, because I’m confused. 🙂

23 01 2007

Thanks Penseroso. . .I’m curious what you think makes “the perfect blog”

What does the quest for this most holy of grails entail?

Because I know so little about web design, I actually don’t know if I am missing out on anything, thats why I wonder if there is a big secret being kept from me about other blogging services.

I’d be upset to lose everything I’ve done here, as I’m sure I’d never know how to migrate it all to another website

(when I moved from MySpace to WordPress, I moved my entries one by one by one!)

I’m glad you are “staying put” a bit. . . .you’re the first person who I connected with in the “blogosphere” (does anyone actually use that term???)

23 01 2007

There is no “perfect” blog. All our blogs would look the same if there were, and then it wouldn’t be perfect anymore because it would be boring. My advice, stay right where you are until you feel an overwhelming compulsion to move. If you don’t feel that way, then what you have now is obviously best for you. I can tell you that export a wordpress blog is theoretically doable, but it’s very tricky. Read up on it if you’re curious.

Anyway, stay here. I’m used to finding you here and I like your blog. 🙂

23 01 2007

I supose you are right that there is no real perfect blog, but there must be a set of ‘rules’ that perhaps ensures a sucessful blog – and sucess can surely be a sign of the closest thing to perfection. . . .

Penseroso, what do you like and dislike about WordPress, Typepad and Blogspot?

23 01 2007

Hmmm . . .

WordPress is free and it’s easy to fiddle with your widgets if you’re comfortable with html. The themes are a little limited and the support staff are somewhat on the glib and surly side, but it has a pretty lively community of bloggers.

Blogger is free also, and has a very large community of bloggers. It’s extremely easy to use.

Typepad is very elegant theme-wise, and overall it’s a very clean, streamlined system with great support — because you pay for it. That sounds like a shock, but the price is very reasonable. They offer a free trial. Also, they have a pretty good setup for blocking spam comments. For me in particular, I like it because it works very well with my photos.

All three have their advantages and disadvantages. Like I said before, though, if you have no compelling reason to jump, don’t jump.

23 01 2007

interesting. . . .very interesting. . .

I understand a bit of the basic HTML
enough to get by. . . . .

I know I haven’t played much with themes etc (I’m still thinking of going back to my ‘original’ theme, as the change is still a shock everytime I log in!

I might have to do some reading up on the subject. . . .

1 03 2007
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