Can I have a Can

22 01 2007

I love the tinny taste of soft drinks from a can.  I don’t know why.  There is something fresher and bubblier about a can of carbonated liquid goodness. soda can




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22 01 2007

In Japan you can get coffee and tea in tin cans from vending machines. It’s an acquired taste, though fortunately there’s no carbonation. 🙂

22 01 2007

see, I like the bubbles. . . I love tea, but not a coffee fan (I’m sorry of great Seattle one)

I think I would buy one of the teas just to ‘try it’ for the experience.

22 01 2007

Hey, I admire someone who can get through life getting their uplift from tea instead of coffee. But I got on to coffee early, and before I knew it, I was a “coffee drinker”. It runs deep and it’s hard to root out. I’ve got nothing against tea, but it’s like resorting to methadone instead of . . . well, not that I would know, but . . . you know.

22 01 2007

I wish I liked coffee.. . . I really do. . . .

Ive tried to like it, honestly, I really have.

I adore the smell of fresh brewing coffee, and the jovial sound of a perkalator. . . .

I remember my first day of college thinking to myself, I’ll never make it unless I learn to drink coffee. I bought myself an extra large regular coffee at Tim Hortons.

I drank two sips and I gaged.

Its just to bitter for me. That longing memory has even wreaked flavoured coffee and cappuchino for me.. . . .

23 01 2007
harmonica goldfish

I totally agree that soda in a can is the best kind of soda there is. That plastic bottled stuff isn’t really soda.

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