Made for a Maid

20 01 2007

I’ve decided that I suck at pretty much everything domestic.  I think I’d be the perfect candidate to have a maid.


I really hate cleaning, but I like to have a tidy house. . . . . .

Gotta go, I have to vaccum. . . .*sigh*




4 responses

20 01 2007

House work?


That’s what husbands are for.


PS. The woman in the picture needs a better bra.

21 01 2007

I agree she needs a better bra, Angela. . . but the truth is if you search “maid” in google images – you get one of two things. . . .an old spanish woman with tits down to her waist, or porn stars in french maid outfits with no bra at all. . . . . .


Thanks for stopping by, it was nice to meet you on Saturday. . . . .

24 01 2007

ok, I’ll be the maid, but only if I can organize your closets, store room and cupboards, oh Gawd!! I am sick *L* I need a life!!

ps I don’t do kitty litter, sorry.

24 01 2007

its a deal!!!!

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