Pomegranate Juice

17 01 2007


I love pomegranate juice.


thats it.




6 responses

17 01 2007

Me too. That’s it.

17 01 2007



thats it.

18 01 2007

oooo I havn`t eaten a pomegranate for years! I used to love picking out all the juicy pip things with a cocktail stick! I have to go buy one now… that`s it! lol

18 01 2007
Christine Hann

I have a whole jug in the fridge. You can have some when you’re here Saturday. I made pommegranate martinis – yes to those too!

18 01 2007

I might have to take you up on those martinis. . .I have three whirlwind weekends coming up.

Stress, and being scheduled to the hilt are the perfect reasons to hit the bottle, right?

19 01 2007

Me too, but that’s not it…

Thanks for coming by fracas, and leaving such a kind reply to my preemie post.

We can talk about your bra size another time, lol.

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