16 01 2007

I have a great and wonderful friend named Christine.   I don’t think I tell her often enough how much I appreciate her friendship. 

I’ve ‘known’ Christine since I was probably about 10 years old; we danced at the same studio in Milton, the Audrey Meredith School of Dance.  Although it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I ever did a dance with Christine, she was always someone I admired.  She is a very talented dancer.

I have several very fond memories of Christine dancing, probably the most memorable and the one we chat and giggle about still is “Funky Town” – My mother used to buy all the videos at the end of the season, and I remember playing that dance over and over again learning all the moves.  The 2 person cartwheel was mint, although very hard to do by yourself.

I also remember a jazz solo she did (the infamous “jump” picture), “The Wind beneath My Wings” and all the dances from the Merry Widow and Hello Dolly (Christine, you are one rocking dancing chef!)

As we got older, both of us went to Kent State University in the summer to do our teachers training course with the Dance Masters of America (or DMA for short).

During school Christine moved around a bit, but in the end she always came back home to Milton.  Eventually both of us starting teaching dance, which was the common denominator that sparked our new adult friendship.

Christine and I started hanging out a bit, going to the Good life for aerobics and boxerise classes and the occasional film.

It wasn’t until after I was married, and half way across the world in England I realized what a friend and admirable person Christine is.

While I was in England, Christine decided to take one of those ‘singles’ tours all by herself.  She chose to do something by herself, and did it for herself.  She was fascinated with Europe and decided on a small jaunt trip which covered the UK, France and Netherlands.  She worked her trip in such a way that allowed her to spend a few days with me.  At that time I was very lonely and missing home, and having her there felt like a little piece of home.

The bravery and confidence she exudes is one of the things I admire most about Christine.  She lives her life for her, no excuses, no regrets, and no apologies


Next it was her turn to marry.  She met and fell in love with Chris, who is quite the catch in my opinion.  He is a superb guy, who is funny as heck.  I was still in England at the time.  I really wish I could have been closer to home to share more in her planning of her day with her.  Thankfully I was in Canada for her wedding, it was a beautiful, simple, elegant evening – and you could see in every detail the love Chris and Christine share.

Plus I got to call them CH2.


Soon after we found out Christine was going to have a baby, and then little Ryan was born.  Still to this day, the only baby that doesn’t cry when I pick him up.


Christine calls me all the time (even when I was England) In fact; she calls me more than my own family!


We talk about our families, our lives, our friends.  We share catty stories about people we both know, and gossip about the town we both grew up in.  She offers a sensitive listening ear, a confidant for information, a tender soul of compassion, and a no-nonsense reaction for any topic we branch.  She has been a voice of reason for me on numerous occasions


Nothing is off limits.  Its that no holds barred approach to our friendship that makes it so raw and fulfilling, especially since we only get to talk over coffee together in the flesh every month or so.


I look forward to our calls. . .  .


Christine is a lot of the things I want to be.  She has herself well put together. 

She has taught me that you need to do things for yourself to make yourself happy – because when you enjoy your own life, its easier to enjoy others lives and the things that fill your life.


I’m ever thankful to have Christine.  I must remember to tell her more often.




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16 01 2007
The Old Fart

It is nice to have a special friend. I am so happy for you. Thankyou for stopping by my blog. Haimish and Alexander say Thankyou as well, they like the compliments they get.

If you have a chnance, visit their own blog for Roxy, Barney & Haimish and Alexander. You will see all their stories plus some others.

18 01 2007
Christine Hann

Wow! I don’t log on for 2 days and holy cow! Thanks so much for the words of kindness. Just remember that I am your biggest fan! You’re very creative! I love hearing your take/spin on things. Your wedding was definitely the best wedding I’ve been to. I cried for days after just thinking about how happy you and Colin were, all of the friends you have, the kind words from your father in law. It was a great day. You and Colin are definitely made for each other! On my trip to England I remember thinking how brave you are. I moved around but not to another continent with people that drive on the other side of the road. I was so impressed with how you embraced your new life in England, I know I wouldn’t have done as well. The driving was quite intimidating and you were there ripping up the roads! Trust me you have a ton of qualities I admire and aspire to attain. This is going to be sappy, I really treasure our friendship as well. I think it’s great that we get along and that our spouses get along too. It’s not often, I’ve found, that friends and friends spouses can all have a good time together! You are a force to be reckoned with and spread enthusiasm wherever you go! Ryan is lucky to have such a great Auntie/buddy/playmate. He has great taste in people! Hopefully I haven’t made anyone sick yet, I think you were on to something, everyone should take the time to tell their friends and loved ones how great they are. You’re definitely great and one in a million!!!

18 01 2007

Awwww! Thanks Christine!

I really do appreicate your friendship!

And I’ll be seeing you on Saturday before the shower!

Make sure you have the airplane ready for my play date with little mister!

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