Flying without Checking Your Baggage

16 01 2007

 checking baggage

I have a short flight from Montreal to Toronto next weekend, for my soon to be Sister in Law’s MGH Wedding shower.  When I lived in England I made alot of short haul flights to paintball tournaments,  so I became accustomed to packing light and not checking my bag. 

Here are some tips for all you Non Bag Checking types. . . . . .(please if you have any more, post them in the comments!)

1.  Take the batteries out of your electric toothbrush.  If it accidently switches on, the wirring noise will alert authorities to your bag, and under the X Ray it looks like something completely different.

2.  Underware is not suited to being an ‘on top of the bag’ item.   Murphy’s law says, if you put your underware on the top – your bag will be searched.  This law also applies to condoms, tampons, pads and any medical ‘cream’.

3.  If it comes in a soild form, and a liquid form – pack the soild form.  Not only because alot of security stations and airlines are wary of liquids in the cabin now, it may also get all over your clothing.  If you do pack liquids, ZipLock baggies are your friend!  Put liquids inside of baggies to help safe guard aganist leaks.  Also, consider buying small travel size or sample sizes of your prefered products – many large chain pharamacies, such as Boots, Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix have a wide selection.  They won’t break the bank, and if you do have your product siezed it won’t ruin the trip.

4.  Don’t pack a hairdyer.  Use the one from your hotel, or who you are staying with.  Apparently hair dyers look like weapons under the X Ray.

5.  Keep within your airlines guide for the size and weight of your bag.  Nothing is worse than buying the year in review edition of People magazine and leaving it in the side pocket of your bag after being asked to check your bag.

6.  That IS your carry on bag.  Don’t try to take 14 bags into the cabin – people with that much stuff SHOULD check their baggage.  If you have a small purse or carrier sack and your bag that is more than suffient

7.  Just check your bag on long haul flights (People always pack more than they should in their hand luggage, so your overstuffed bag will just make the cabin, well more stuffed.)

8.  If you think you might not need it, don’t bother taking it. Whatever the item is will also be available at your destination.

9.  Just because you aren’t checking baggage, doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to you.  Scissors and sharp stuff are a no-no to no baggage check travellers.

. . . . .I’m going to add to this one later.




2 responses

16 01 2007

In the past, I never checked bags. Carry-on only for me. But I can’t live without some liquids, so now I have to check bags. Sometimes, 3 ounces is just not enough to get me through a trip, you know?

16 01 2007

I totally know what you mean.

I usually stock up on great ‘trial size’ and ‘travel size’ products when I’m in the airports. England (specifically BOOTS has a great selection of mini-products)

Cheap enough that if it does get taken away, you aren’t in tears over if, and big enough it usually is enough to do you for short journeys.

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