As seen on TV

16 01 2007

As I open the package to my ProActiv acne set, I ponder to myself. . .  .man there are a bunch of ‘As Seen on TV’ products I’d love to buy. . . and some I have.

What have you bought off the TV . . .anything you’d secretly like to buy?

Colin bought the Pasta Express (granted he did buy it from a store, but he first saw it on an informercial)

I bought ProActiv (I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve used it a week)

I’ve bought a robot floor sweeper.  Cheap version of the “Roomba” – it was great, but the problem was the cats enjoyed playing with it too much, so it never finished its work.

Now,   things I’ve seen on TV I’d like to buy.

the clapper

magic bullet

auto cool




7 responses

17 01 2007

I really want the Vidalia Chop Wizard. It LOOKS like it really works, but does it? (

17 01 2007

Ohhhhh, never seen that!

Looks very cool. . . . . .

18 01 2007

I just started ProActive this week too! So far, so good. I didn’t buy it on tv though, it was a gift.

18 01 2007

Liking the look of the orgasmatron.. hehehe Ive seen that before! I once bought an Ultra-glide from screenshop over here in the UK. You`ve probably heard of Brenda Digraf over there in the states. Well it was one of her gadgets! It was a complete waste of money as I used it once, hurt my shoulder and now it`s housing a family of spiders in my summer house!

18 01 2007
Christine Hann

Heard the Magic Bullet is awesome! How’s the pasta express, I heard it’s a dud. I bought an excersise thing thinking I would use it after my baby was born. Never used it before, never used it after. Also had a drawer full of excerise tapes bought from tv, some were still in the package when Chris and I purged whiled decluttering before putting our house up for sale.

18 01 2007

CHRISTINE: My mom and sister love love love the magic bullet (it sounds dirty all on its own, eh?)

The pasta express is great for Colin and I, as I hate pasta, and colin loves it. He likes his pasta ‘starchy’ so it works well. . .the secret to using it is to not use scalding hot water, and leave it in the sink with some warm water around it.

I remember the Ultra Glide when I lived in England. . . I was once tempted to get Jade Goody’s exercise tape, as she is a similar build to me – but her filthy mouth turns me off!

Let me know this weekend how it works. . . . I’ve only just started. I know Christine’s husband didn’t like it. . . .

24 01 2007

I don’t know how I lived without the bullet, totally serious here *L* it’s used every morning for our protein drinks, great for doing cheese cake, salsa etc. you really have to try it, my chop wizard just arrived today from Regal, lets see, I’ve chopped onions, strawberries, peppers….*L* now we have to eat them all, mind you, it’s not a “new” product, we had one when I was a kid at home.

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