Trying Something New. . . . Not Sure. . .

15 01 2007

So I decided to change my Blog theme. I’ve passed over the presentation tab several times, eyeing the various colours and weighting each different choice.

Today in a bold move I decided to try one on for size. What do you think?

I’m not sold (yet). Not because its not a lovely theme, it is, I’m just feeling uneasy about change. . . .I am (and I’m sure my readers – all 4 of you) used to my usual theme.

Perhaps if I can get over my uneasiness of this small change, perhaps I might even be inclined to try creating my own theme.

Whooooa! Baby steps. . . .breath in, breath out. . . .

EDIT ::: Jan 15th 11:22pm

I’ve changed again.   I’m still not sure.  I’m going to sleep on this one.  Perhaps a fresh day and new perspective. . . . .

The Usual:


The First New:


 The Second New:

silver new black

Any other suggestions to new themes. . . . . .




4 responses

15 01 2007

I really don’t like reading white type on a black background. But I will if you’re funny enough. 🙂

15 01 2007

I saw the Sunset theme and I really didn’t like it — not just for you, but for anybody. I think the one you’ve chosen now (silver is the new black) is pretty good. You use a lot of visuals in your posts, and a colorful, fancy theme will be too overwhelming and distract your readers from the content of the post . . . in my humble opinion. But, in any case, I’ll be a loyal reader. 🙂

15 01 2007

Umm, I meant “Sunburn”, not “Sunset”. I can’t proofread worth crap.

15 01 2007

Thanks Ervin. . . .

Of course I counted you as one of four. . .


I agree. . .I’m liking this one much better than sunburn or whatever the heck it was called. . . . .

As for spelling, hey who cares, you know how many spelling mistakes I make on this thing.

Actually you probably do, seeing as you are one of four!

(sounds like a star trek borg name!)

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