I Can’t Drink to Crappy Wine Names. . . .

13 01 2007

 cheap drunk

Is it me or are wines starting to get crappy and cheesy names.

  • Cat Piss
  • The Dogs Bollocks
  • Speedy Turtle
  • Monkey Nuts

I have only had “The Dogs Bollocks” out of the wine’s I’ve listed. A friend in England had the bottle, he bought it because of the name and it was a ‘show bottle’ but we decided to drink it anyways. I hate being a bad guest, but it was the first time I have never finished a drink as a guest. I got through two mouthfuls and couldn’t go any further. It was the most rank think I’ve ever had to drink. I’d prefer spoilt milk.
I guess this makes me wonder what possible reasoning one would have to give their wine such a low-brow name? Is it to ensure you aren’t ostrasizing or alienating any of your possible audience of drinkers?

 lifes too short
Makes me think of David Letterman’s top 10 list about WalMart wine.

10. “When Kmart Wine Just Won’t Do”

9. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Wine”

8. “Show Your Friends How Little You Care”

7. “Kills Germs on Contact”

6. “Recommended by 4 Out of 5 Drifters!”

5. “Crack Open a Can Today!”

4. “Fresh From the Vineyards of Aisle 6”

3. “Here’s to Making Bail!”

2. “Feeling Down After Being Thrown Out by Britney?”

1. “Goes Great With a 20-Dollar Hooker”

Personally I like the fact that wine has that ‘elitist’ feeling to it. Makes me enjoy and appriecate it that much more.. . . . .




3 responses

13 01 2007

I have no trouble admitting that I am a wine snob. Not that I would buy anything at all at Walmart, but I can’t see looking to them for a wine selection. California, Oregon and Australian wines are some of the best, and Washington wines are getting better all the time. I much prefer reds. But anyway, I will never drink anything called “Cat Piss” or “Monkey Nuts”.

19 10 2011

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24 10 2011

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