On the Quest for the Perfect Baked Potato

11 01 2007

Once in a while I get a real craving for the good ol’ soul warming panache of a steaming fluffy baked potato, so in that spirt I’ve been reading alot online about making the perfect baked potato.

Here are some of the secrets I’ve learned :::  (Please if you have any, share them!  Its for the good of all potato lovers out there)

  •  For a crispy skin, and fluffy inside – DO NOT WRAP THE POTATOS IN TINFOIL.
  • Many restaurants that serve their Baked Pots in tinfoil wrap them AFTER they are cooked!
  • Wash and throughly dry the skins before cooking.
  • When washing potatos, do not use HOT water.  The hot water will start to cook the skins for the rest of the potato.
  • Baked potatos need to cook at high tempuratures.  Usually about 400 for anywhere between 3omins to 2 hours depending on your oven.
  • Prick the potato before cooking with a fork.
  • The fork should go right into the potato easily to show its done.  You cant tell when the potato flesh is nice and soft.
  • a new, non-rusty, clean, sanitized nail pierced through the skin of the potato before cooking can speed up cooking.  The nail acts as a heat conductor helping cook the insides faster.  Be careful when removing the nail it will be hot.





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