The Sound of Silence

8 01 2007

sound of silence

After my more than 72 hour stint in bed, i’ve come to notice the silence that surrounds me.

I’m one of these must have white noise to sleep, the radio on in the car, the radio on in the shower kinda people. Usually when I’m home alone I need the TV on to keep me company (and also to stop my mind from playing tricks on me about every bump and creek in the house)

I’m feeling alot better than I was (Not perfect, but more alive then dead), and with my new felt health comes my neurosis – my house is quiet right now.  The strong winds howling at the window panes in their frames, and the branches taping on the glass.  The sky is dark and overcast.  No moonlight shines in.  And everything is very very still.

Part of me wants to run downstairs in the dark cool living room and turn on the boob tube, the other part of me wants to pull the covers up on my warm linen cocoon and just wait out the darkness and storm (or at least until Colin gets home).

Whats on TV right now?  Are there any new shows or new episodes?  Anything intesting in the new?  . . . . .

. . .  .be right back.  I’m just going to turn the TV on.




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