Love knows no Age. . . .But Maybe it Should. . . . .

8 01 2007


Nigerian 107-year old pastor weds 30-year old with strength from God

Sun Jan 7, 11:11 AM ET

LAGOS (AFP) – Samuel Akinbode Sadela, Nigeria’s oldest preacher at 107, said he derived his strength from God after marrying a 30-year woman.

“The Lord is my strength. I am very strong and energetic,” they quoted him as saying after the wedding in Lagos.

Sadela, founder of Gospel Apostolic Church, has been on the pulpit for 75 years.

Sadela first got married in 1934, and the marriage lasted for 21 years, but none of the couple’s seven children lived beyond their infancy.

A second marriage, consummated in 1965, was blessed with four children, but only two survived. His second wife died in 2001.

And then he met the new woman of his life, 77 years his junior.

The marriage with Christiana Sadela is “a fulfilment of the scripture and worthy of thanksgiving and appreciation to God”, his church said in a statement.

“Nothing is impossible for God,” it said.

I was reading some news sites, and came across this story. Am I allowed to say “Eeewwwwwwwwww”?

I’m truely a hopeless romantic, but marrying a man who is not only old enough to be your father, he is more than old enough to be your grandfather. . . .thats a little icky, right?
There are obvious parts of this story that a) gross me out b) I’m not sure how they would work (litteratly) so I’ll leave those be.

One of the comforting things I found about marrying someone close to my own age is that I can grow old with him. I don’t have that worry that old age and long live will take him tomorrow.

I think about this woman and wonder, what do they have in common? It must be the enjoyment of soup. What do they talk about? Do they have date night? Who are their mutual friends? Does this woman realize she probably won’t have children by this man if she wanted them.

I’m so curious about the connection these two have, and what made them decide to get married. . . . .It surely can’t be a physical attraction and I just can’t see a common intellectual bond that they could have. . . .or could this be the Nigerian Anna Nicole Smith??

anna nicole and marshall

God does work in mysterious ways . . . . . .




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