Leader of the Pack

8 01 2007

I stayed home from work today, for one of the first days ever, to help me get over whatever it is that’s got me. I don’t think its full-blown flu, but my asthma has been acting up as well as being very congested in the chest and very very tired. I haven’t really been out of bed since 7pm on Friday night!

As I laid in what I thought was my deathbed, it became very apparent that my Moggies viewed me like the leader of the pack. When I put my head down on the pillow to sleep, all three jumped up on the bed and curled up by my side. My own little pride of mini-lions.

When I was awake sitting up in the bed, I watched my little moggies take turns ‘watching’ me. Manny is posted on guard right now, and Minou waits in the wings standing just outside the doorway.

I feel very blessed that my cats truly want to be with me, and it appears that they care about my well being. (Or I’d like to think its that way)

Thank very much my little moggies, I’m sure you’ve helped me speed my recovery!

pride of lions




2 responses

8 01 2007

Despite the stereotypes, cats are kind and caring critters.

8 01 2007

I 200% agree!

They like to get to know you first, before they open up to you!

Also, they are intelligent enough to know when they are needed.

Dogs crave and require your attention at every moment. Cats check out the situtation, assess it and decide if their services are or are not required.

I love that about cats.

I wouldn’t trade my moggies for love or money!

they are love, and they make me rich!

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