Damn you Hiccups!

8 01 2007

I have had hiccups for the past 23 minutes.

My mother used to say to me when I was younger, you talk to much – thats why you get hiccups!  Today, surely that can’t be the case.  I’ve only communicated with the cats today, and for the most part my conversations with them have been on the subconscience and telapathic level – except for when I yelled at Marty to get off the kitchen table.

How the heck did I get Hiccups!?!?!?!

I’ve been holding my breath on and off for those 23 minutes. . . finally I have some relief!

Whats your hiccup cure!?!?!

Hiccup Cures

A couple sites that have hiccup cures:  Hiccup     Hiccup     Hiccup




One response

10 01 2007

Number seven works for me. In fact, that’s a good all-round house cure for a number of ailments. In fact, I default to it whenever possible. I’ll even use complaining as a cure for boredom. It works.

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