Why do you Blog?

4 01 2007

Someone the other day asked me this question, and at the time I just dismissed it and replied. . . . “something to do”.

Now that I’ve had time to think about it, could there be more reason on why I blog?


Nope. I don’t think so.

It really is just something to do. This is a personal blog, so I’m not writing assigments for students, or doing a school project. This isn’t work related, hobby related or even cause related. This blog is purely a self-indulgent “me time” that I invite others to read and hopefully enjoy.

I sometimes write a quick little entry during the day while at work, I’m sure that isn’t proper to Blog at work, but it sometimes helps me break up my day.

I really look forward to my little blogging time.

Anyways, after writing and thinking about the above, a whole new set of questions arise from me to my ‘readers’ (all 4 of you).

1. What would make my blog more interesting (You know, so I could more than double my readership to say 10 readers)

2. What do people want to read about, and how to you name your entries to entice your readers.

3. How do you come up with the topics of your Blog entries?

4. How often should one blog?

5. How often should one change the look or feel of one’s blog?

6. How do you bring more traffic into your blog?

7. What are ‘kosher’ topics and what should you steer clear of?

Has anyone written an article on”The Rules of Blogging” (if so, link please – if not, what would the rules be?)




3 responses

5 01 2007

Ummm, hold on. It’s nice to care about what your readers will be interested in, but that shouldn’t be your primary impetus. Above all YOU have to be excited about what you’re writing, or you won’t be able to continue this for long. Write what you’re interested in writing about and you will attract readers (perhaps slowly) with similar interests and sympathies.

As for how often, as often as possible — preferably every day. As a wiser person once wrote (I don’t have the book in front of me and I’m too drunk to get up and fetch it) “Writer’s block be damned”.

I can pass on more tips, but not now. Remind me tomorrow and I’ll refer you to a great book I picked up not long ago about when, how and what to blog.

Until then, keep going.

6 01 2007

Don’t get me wrong. . . .I really enjoy blogging, and really I do post things that are interesting to me.. . .

I know what your saying about people with like interests eventually finding their way to my little corner in the blogosphere. . .. . .. but is there a road map I can provide them with to make their journey a little shorter. . . .

6 01 2007

Follow your own heart and let other people find their way to you. It seems a bit selfish, but this is the blogosphere, not a soup kitchen. As for that book I mentioned, it’s called “Dispatches from Blogistan” by Suzanne Stefanac. It’s terrific. She also has a blog by the same name, although, ironically, she hasn’t been updating it for a while.

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