Fly in the Ointment

4 01 2007

So we went to FU LAM Chinese Buffet on Cote Vertu today for Mona’s birthday.  14 of us went, good fun, lots of laughs.
Now, I’m not one to complain about wait staff (oh wait – maybe I am) but the service was just plain crap.

The lady wouldn’t take drink orders (I ordered a diet coke and never got it at all), then she brought a coke for someone who wasn’t sitting at the table yet – but they ordered a diet coke.  We asked what it was she said coke, we told her it had to be diet coke.    She circled the table with the glass in hand, and put it back down on the table hoping no one would notice.
When we got down to  the desert I got a plate of fruit and jello (like I usually do) – and on my honeydew melon.  Flies.   Little winged fruit flies.  I showed them to one of the wait staff, and the manager came over to see me.  He says “nothing we do – they come and die on food.  Nothing can we do”

Not that I was looking for a freebie (although that would have been nice)  I actually didn’t get an apology for having bugs in my meal!

No fortune cookies.  And a waitress with her handout palm up grasping her fingers like a toddler when they say ‘gimme gimme’ when it came time to pay.

Now I’m wondering what my fortune cookie would have said. . . . .





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