Swinging in the year of the Swine! Welcome Year of the Pig. Happy New Year 2007!

1 01 2007

 Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Year of the Pig

I hope everyone is safe and happy and having a great evening!

Welcome year 2007, I have high-hopes for you! Lets be friends!!!

(I pre-published this blog so it would post first thing 2007, clever hun?)

Year of the Pig




3 responses

12 02 2007

Hello. We love the graphic above representing the year of the Pig 2007. We are having a Party in Celebration of The Year Of The PIG. Where did you get the graphic above? We are looking for some decor items, like a table cloth or wall hangings that might fit well with our planned party.

Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

12 02 2007

I actually simply googled “Year of the Pig” in the Google Images tab. . . .

and Voila!

Thanks for stopping by.

17 02 2007
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