I’m Crap ::: I Slept Through It

1 01 2007

You know that feeling when you can tell your starting to come down with something but you don’t know what it is. . . .

Yesterday was such a day. Iin hopes of relieving or avoiding altogether some of the on set of sickness, specially since it was New Years Eve, I took a swig of “all in one” cough surup (which in my defense did say ‘non drowsy’ on the bottle). Thankfully the use of a motor vehicule or heavy machinery wasn’t on the cards for last night.
By 10 pm I was out like a light. And I feel like crap this morning.

Colin and I have a habit of not doing anything interesting for New Years. I’m adding this to my resolutions for next year. I want to do something or go somewhere for New Years Eve.




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1 01 2007

We didn’t do anything either. My wife was sick with the flu. I’m only just getting over it myself. Hell, I didn’t even have any booze. Well, OK, I had a small glass of wine. But it knocked me out like a light. That was early in the evening. After my short nap, we watch The Big Lebowski, then a Grateful Dead concert DVD, and that’s how we rang in the New Year. No wild party, no hangover. Just another late night with another day off to look forward to.

1 01 2007

The Big Lebowski is in Colin’s top 5 fave movies of all time. . . . . .

1 01 2007

My list:

1. The Big Lebowski
2. Jackie Browne
3. Italian for Beginners
4. Enlightenment Guaranteed
5. My Wife Is An Actress

1 01 2007

hummmm. I should even consider making this its own blog entry you know Peneroso. . . . .

for me it would be . . . . .

1. High Fidelity (funny doing a top 5 list with this one in it, eh?)
2. Rent (awful film, but I love the music)
3. Ameile
4. The last Unicorn (nostalga wins every time)
5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (again, its a sentimental fave)

1 01 2007

Dang! I forgot about Amelie and High Fidelity. Put those in my top seven! 🙂

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