Easy like Monday Afternoon. . . .

1 01 2007

Being a holiday, and the fact that I’m starting to get ill with ‘something’ I took the opportunity to truly be ‘slothful’ and rest.

I laid in bed all day and watched movies on my lap top, occassionally doing some random ‘next blog’ reading. I had breakfast in bed for the first time in my life today, thanks to my husband – who was quick to point out “don’t get used to this, you hear, eh!”.

Yes Sir!

breakfast in bed

I imagine if I was a cat, most days would be like this.

cats in bed

The only reason to get up is to use the bathroom, and even then, should I ever feel the need to take a day of slothfulness to the next level, I could ‘depend’ on some products already available in the market. Ewww! The thought!


My cats are an interesting bunch. They are all genuinely intersested in people and their goings on, espeically company. Marty and Manny will get right up on your lap if you let them. Its funny – they almost put on a show for guests.

kitty on the keys

Today, each one of my cats came to sit with me, each wanting to sleep right beside me, touching me – but not ‘on’ me. After about an hour or so all three of them were huddled around me. My own personal purring heating devices.

Who needs an electric blanket!

electric blanket

I’d like to think they know when I need them. It was such a warming comfort to have all my little buddies with me while I am under the weather. Or could they just be trying to con me out of more treats. . . . . .





3 responses

1 01 2007

What a sweet post. Isn’t it a luxury to be able to spend a day at home in bed chilling out for a change? I especially liked the photos of your precious little kitties snuggled under the baby blankets.

Thanks for stopping by earlier and commenting on my site. 🙂

2 01 2007

More cats in the bag please!!!!!


2 01 2007

Awwww, I wish those were my babies. . . . .

You can see my babies at http://www.paulgraham.ca/gallery/Joey

My cats are well behaved, but not still creatures. They wouldn’t sit (or lie) there for pictures.


Thanks for visiting!!!!

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