31 12 2006

I had vowed to always resolve to never make resolutions, and thus far that has worked out well for me.

I’d like to perhaps make goals for the year rather than resolutions. Resolutions always made it sound like resolving, as in there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Goals sounds like bettering and improving. Its much more postitive sounding, and new years should start off on the postitive right?

So, what do I want to do this year?

1. Get an article published in a paintball magazine (I’v written about 10, I just need to submit some)

2. Drink more water.

3. Make time to write (real) letters to 4 people who I know would enjoy getting mail.

4. Volenteer for something.

5. Try not to get road rage more than 2 times a week.

6. Learn to Knit.

7. Cook 2 meals at least a week at home.

8. Eat at the kitchen table for those meals.

9. Read 5 more books than I did last year.

10. Play one of video games Colin has worked on.

11. Finish a crossword.

12. Iron more.

13. Make a craft. (And finish it)

14. Paint my toenails more often.

15. Eat breakfast.

16. Accomplish 5 or more of the items on this list, and learn to be satified with life. Enjoy and revell in the same things. Take pride in the big things. Marvel at everything in between.

I reserve the right to add, remove or ammend this list at any time.





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