Where Were You When? . . . .

29 12 2006

Its 10:18 PM Friday December 29th 2006. I’m in front of my TV in my pajamas with my husband watching CNN. Saddam Hussein has been confirmed executed by hanging.

Where were you?

The morning of September 11th, I was in bed – awoken by my soon to be husband on the phone who had just heard about the first plane hitting the tower. He was in England then, and the news feeds were delayed. He asked me to turn on the news and tell him what was happening. My folks place gets local New York news, and I tell you – I saw things I’m sure were never shown again. TV crews at ‘Ground Zero’ cameras pointing upward, capturing the desperate people jumping to their deaths. I watched every moment for hours. I couldn’t look away. I cried.
Where were you?

I was with Colin in my parents basement watching the newest episode of the Simpsons when it was interupted by a live police chase – a frantic white Ford Bronco with OJ Simpson as the driver.

Where were you?

Similarly I was at my folks place again, my mom my dad and Colin in the upstairs family room waiting for the OJ Simpson trial verdict.

Where were you?

I was in the yard with Tigger my mom’s cat when she came outside to tell me to watch the TV. We sat in amazement as students were escorted with their hands over their heads out of their beloved Columbine school. We watched until both Dylan and Eric were confirmed dead.

Where were you?

I was in the third grade, and we were the first school in Canada to have Cable in the Classroom in all classes. We had just finished our unit on Space and the Challenger launch would be the cherry on the top. I remember it so vividly. I had never seen a launch and had no idea anything wrong had happened.

Where were you?

Working madly on my computer I got a call from the receptionist downstairs, there was a shooting at a local school downtown Montreal. One of the accounting department girls’ daughters goes to the school. Dawson college would take back their school quickly, but things would never be the same.

Where were you?

It was late at night and Law and Order had just finished. This was my ‘father daughter time’ with my dad. A news bullitin came on saying Princess Diana had been in a car crash. I stayed up all night to see if my worst fears were realized. They had and she had died. I had always followed her life, and I was very sad. My mom let me stay home to watch her funeral.

Where were you?

Or what about. . . . . .

the Heaven’s Gate cult sucides? I don’t know where I was at the exact time, but I remember seeing it on the news just after it happened. I remember a special on ‘Space’ or another channel like that. I’ve never owned Nike since.

The Tsunami – I was at my inlaws watching the news at Christmas (on mute as my Father in Law does – he likes to just read the ticker at the bottom of the screen). It was the first time I had ever seen him take off the mute on the TV. I believe it was boxing day. I remember saying that it couldn’t be that bad, and feeling guilty about that later.

Katrina – I remember when this started to happen that I couldn’t believe what a disaster it was. Not because of what nature threw at them, more about the fact that the Americans couldn’t handle it. If the American’s can’t handle it, what hope is there for everyone else? I don’t remember exactly where I was.

The big Ice Storm – I don’t know where I was exactly, but I remember talking about non-stop at the in-laws for months and years afterwards. I remember my BIL had a girlfriend who lived on a hobby farm and my Father in Law was so impressed that she saved chickens from dying. I was very jealous.




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30 12 2006

You sure do ask an awful lot of questions. Well, I’ll just address the ones where I can actually connect and event with where I was at the time.

1. Sept 11 — I was on the way to work. I heard someone on the bus say as she boarded that a plane had struck the World Trade Center. Everyone was quiet. No one asked for details. We all knew something was up. No one said anything more during the trip into town.

2. OJ Verdict — I was at work. Everyone was pissed off and shouting.

3. Challenger — I was in boot camp in San Diego. We were outside the barracks cleaning our weapons for final inspection; we were graduating that Friday. Our Senior Drill Instructor came outside and quietly told everyone that the space shuttle had crashed. He went back inside. Since we weren’t allowed to speak, we didn’t.

4. Princess Diana — I was getting rip-roaring drunk with my father-in-law and some other visitors from out of town. I’m actually surprised I can remember this one.

30 12 2006

what about last night. . . .did you stay up to hear live about Saddam?

What events in time are those “where were you when”s for you?

30 12 2006

Well, I can recall two very momentous occasions on which the time and place where I was when I heard the news is forever fixed in my mind.

1. The Death of Jerry Garcia — I was working as a volunteer for the Seattle Symphony. One of the employees there knew I was a fan of the Dead, so she asked me if I wanted to go home early. Go home early? I was confused. Because you might be too upset to work, she said. I was upset all right, but I wasn’t on the verge of tears. So I said, no, that’s OK, I’ll stick around. I wasn’t getting paid either way, but I was too embarrassed to take her up on the offer.

2. Discover of the AIDS virus — This was back in 1981, I think. I remember listening to the story on the radio. The announcer read findings from scientists who determined that it was fatal, incurable, and transmitted through sexual contact. I said to myself, “Damn. This is going to make life pretty scary.”

1 01 2007

What about gas reaching $2.00 a litre. . . . .

Anyone ever live through a hurricane, or typhoon, landslide, snowslide, mudslide. . . . .

The tube station bombings in London, the train bombings in Madrid. . . .

. . . . Olympic scandals . . . . .

17 04 2007
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