So. . . .when you having kids?

28 12 2006

Colin and I have just gotten back to Montreal. I wish the holidays were longer, but thankfully I don’t have to deal with the above question again. . . .(until the next family get together . . . .)

This coming year Colin and I will have been married for 5 years, (we started dating in 1994 in High School!). 

Anyways, alot of our friends who got married after us are having babies and we are now endlessly been asked when we are going to have kids.

In short, we aren’t ready.  Its just not on the cards right now, neither of us see kids in our immediate future – although we aren’t discounting the idea altogether.

So, for everyone asking.  We aren’t ready, we don’t know, we’ll let you know, what business is it of yours, thank you for asking, sure-maybe sometime, who knows, etc etc etc. . . . . . 

 And besides, we have 3 wonderful, well-behaved cats.  What more could we ask for really???





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28 12 2006

My wife and I were pummeled with those questions for years. We not only didn’t see children in our immediate future; we didn’t see them at all. We kept telling people, “We don’t want any! We don’t want any!” People find that difficult to understand. But since you and your husband are going to be responsible for raising the children (if you have them) then you have every right to determine 1) if you’re going to have them and 2) when.

Point well taken about the cats — I feel like I already have a pretty complete family. 🙂

28 12 2006

See the reason we haven’t discounted it is really because of the fact that humans primary function is to procreate. . . . . .And let me tell you God gave me child bearing hips. . . I’m sure it isn’t his intent that I twart his plans. . . but so far I’m doing just that.

I sometimes feel guilt that I don’t have that ‘maternal instinct’ I hear so much about.

I often wonder what type of mother I would be. . . I’m very self involved, jealous and selfish.. . .I’m sure these aren’t the most prefered of traits for a mother.

Either way, I’m hoping that since 40 is the new 30 I’ve got enough time to work all this out. . . . .

I’d hate to have regrets!

28 12 2006

Oh and I agree about my Cats being family!

They got so spoiled this year for Christmas, you’d think they were ‘skin babies’ rather than ‘fur babies’

(saving that for a blog on another day. . . . .)

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