New Therapist is a Cut Above the Rest!

21 12 2006

I got a GREAT hair cut and colour tonight!  I’ve always felt that your hair colourist and hair stylist are therapists in a sense.

I was seeing a Colourist named Mark, he was young and reasonably good – but I didn’t have much in common with him, and since my hair is medium length and very very thick, the hour and half it takes just to apply my colour was almost unbearable.

I found out today that Mark was a ‘temp’ for their permentant colourist, Lisa, who took a 6 month trip to Europe.

Needless to say I clicked right away with Lisa.

She really listened to what I was thinking of for my colour, and made some really great suggestions.  She made my ‘vision’ work for my hair.   I am very very impressed.

I haven’t had colour this good since I used to go to Dorie when I lived at home!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa is a tiny, quick-witted Greek mini godess of hair!  and I totally recommend her!!!  (St Laurent Hairdressers on St Jean/West Island Pointe Claire)

My hair stylist is Luigi, a very handsome young guy, he is a good laugh!




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22 12 2006

My “stylist” is some old guy who has the golf channel on all the time and occasional grunts a good morning to the next customer coming in the door. The longest conversation I had with him was the one where he tried to get me to sue my neighbor. He’s a good old fashioned American barber. He looks like he cuts his own hair. I look like I cut mine.

22 12 2006

hahahah, that is too funny.

I guess you have to be in a Salon state of mind.

Colin doesn’t like going to ‘salons’ it must say ‘barber’ in the front window or its too girly.

I love the salon experience, if it was a tad cheaper, I’d go weekly!!!!!

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