What ever Happened to the Good Ol’ Traditional Christmas Card?

20 12 2006

Don’t you just love opening your mailbox seeing all the brightly coloured envelopes, fancied with stickers and other glitter. . . . .I love getting mail!

I’ve been quite disapointed this year with the number of Christmas cards I’ve received. . . .but for the record, its not that I have been forgotten. . . .

I have gotten a HUGE number of ‘Email Greeting Cards’ this year. . . .


Do people just not have the time, the money, the resources? Man, if I can find the time to do them, it should be easy-peasy for anyone really. . . .Or should I be proud that the special ‘older’ people in my life choosing to embrase the internet revolution?

I pride myself on having personalized Christmas cards made, (with pictures of the moggies of course) each with a quick little handwritten message.

Each card stamped, sealed, stickered. . . . I even have Colin sign them. (I sign for the cats)

My opinion is that email Greeting Cards are an “extra” you send your family or friends, or something you send to your ‘cyber’ friends. . . .They shouldn’t be sent in lieu of a card to your family and friends . . . . .

christmas cards




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