Man I Miss Little Cat Already!

19 12 2006

cat burgular

Today I took Manny to the vets to have his Neutering, Mirco Chip inplanted and this two interior polydactyl claws removed.

I brought out the carrier last night and put it on the kitchen table, the little bugger knocked it off the table and broke the door.  I think he knew something was up. 

He cried the whole way there, eventually wiggling his way through the broken carrier door.  Escape Artist!

He squirmed and jumped around, generally miss-behaving during the pre-surgery checkup.

The vet tech said to me that I must love Manny because I came with a bag of food, his favourite blanket and his favourite toy.  Most people don’t bother.

The good news is I will probably be able to pick him up tonight, instead of tomorrow night like planned.

I hope my Little Cat is ok, I hope he knows I haven’t abandoned him. . . 

I also hope he doesn’t try to escape. . . .

:::Update:::   Wednesday 20th December

Manny didn’t have to stay over night, he got to come home last night at about 8pm.

He was very very happy to see me, he purrrrrrrred so loud.

The vet that had seen him on his first appointment, [that had called him “a veery veery beed chatton” (A very very bad kitten)],  said that he was very well behaved and quite the little charmer.

His paws are good, although there is some dried blood that I have to let him clean away himself, and his poor little nut sacks are shaved bald.

He is on limited intact of food for the next few days, and we have to make sure he doesn’t lick away the melting stitches at his crotch as well as make sure he isn’t jumping from big heights, but otherwise he is no worse for wear.

He is being even more of a sucky baby. . . could it be just that he is now a more affectionate cat?  Or is this what happens when you stripe away their masculinity?

We’ll see how he doesn’t over the next couple of days to decide whether or not we need to bring him back with us at Christmas. . . . . I’m guessing he’ll be fine and he would rather hang out with Marty and Minou.




2 responses

20 12 2006

You blog like a demon. I can’t keep up with you! It must be the inspiration you get from your cats. Do they actually let you sit by your computer without clamoring for attention?

Anyway, I hate being away from my boys too long. They’re my buddies, my soul mates.

22 12 2006

My boys sit with me when I’m on the computer. . .comfy in my bed on my lap top!

Minou is a snob, and sometimes sits at the end of the bed.

My secret to being able to Blog almost everyday. . . .i keep a note pad, and when I have an idea about something to blog about I write it down. . . .and then when I get to a day that I can’t think of anything off the top of my head/current event etc to Blog about I pull out the notebook. . . .

I should be fine to blog almost everyday from now till March.



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