Busy Week, I guess this one is busy every year, isn’t it?

18 12 2006

Got alot on the go this week.


Monday 18 – Take the Car in in the evening

Monday 18 – Tempo goes up

Tuesday 19 – Manny goes for the big snip-snip. He has to stay over night because of the polydactyl claws he is having removed. He is also getting a Micro Chip

Wednesday 20 – pick up Manny.

Wednesday 20 – Dentist appointment in the evening

Thursday 21 – Getting my hair done, this is also ER night

Friday 22 – My Work Christmas party. . . .

Saturday 23 – long drive back to Ontario for Christmas

Sunday 24 – last day of shopping (gotta get something for Colin). Houldcroft Christmas Eve Shindig. Must get candy for the Gingerbread House.
Monday 25 – Christmas. ‘Nuff said. Spending it with the DeCaire’s

Tuesday 26 – Boxing Day. I don’t actually get this off, but I ‘m using my banked Thanksgiving Holidays to get this off. Graham family Christmas

Wednesday 27 – Cousin’s Party.

Thursday 28 – Driving back to MTL




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