Damn Lazy Blogger, Procrastination, Adventures in Christmas Shopping, Parties, Kittens and Databases.

17 12 2006

I think I got it all in the title. . . .

I’ve been a lazy blogger in the past week. Mainly due to some projects at work I need to get finished, and some research I’m doing for some new projects for the new year. I’ve been asked to help the website team come up with some content for the website, write some articles etc and give it some meat for the re-launch at the beginning of the upcoming paintball season. I’m looking forward to it.

The IT guy at work has got a very clean idea for the website, and if we follow the model it should work out nicely-with room to expand and make changes as needed, unlike the current version which is very graphic based and takes a dog’s age to load. My poor mother in law hasn’t had the chance to see any of the websites as she only has a dial up connection.

I’m not sure what the ‘look’ of the site will be, but I don’t have to worry about it much. As long as I’m coming up with the ‘meat’ there are others set to worry about the fixin’s. Should be a cool project though.

I’ve got some ideas for articles, but I really need to get cracking and think of some more, I’m not sure what else I can write about to be able to fill a website for a year. What do paintballers want to read about. . . . . . .hummmmmmm

website designs

This past Saturday Colin and I took to the shops to get our Christmas shopping done. I HATE Christmas shopping this time of year, and for those who know me – this is VERY VERY late for me to be doing shopping.

I am one of ‘those’ people who shop in August and September, and have everything WRAPPED by the first day of December, life happenened on me this year – and even though I’ve had my tree up since just a smidge before Halloween, and my cards done, addressed and stamped since the second week of November I still feel like I’m falling behind! (I hope everyone has got their Crimbo cards by now)

I took my holiday heart burn stress busting tropical fruit flavoured tums, and my twice checked Christmas list and away we went in good spirts. We were very successful, managing to get everything on the list barring what we were getting each other.


I’ve started wrapping. No where near done though.


Saturday Night we went to Doug and Pixie’s house across the street for a Christmas party. They’ve just finished renovating their basement, its just fabulous! They did most of the work themselves. They even built their own fully stocked bar. Good work you two!

Christmas Party

We found out that Manny’s Mom’s owner, Cynthia, is pregnant. They are very excited!!


We also got to meet the new ‘parents’ of some of Manny’s siblings, and this week we hope to have a little kitten reunion with one of his sisters, now called Bootsie.


Today I’m working on fixing stuff in the new database for the European opperations, I’ve had such a busy weekend I didn’t get through as much of the changes as I want (or needed to) but then again it is the weekend, and its not like I’m being paid extra to do it. I’m doing it for the team, I hope they appreicate it. I’ll get everything sorted for them barring the paint. I don’t know when I’ll have time to devote to fixing the paint, I hope there is someone else in the office that can do it. I have my big Prospect Project due this week, and I need another month to finish it 🙂  We’ll get it finished. . . .  .





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17 12 2006

I don’t shop at all. My wife does it. We sign the cards in both our names, and we share the cost. But I cannot — will not — shop.

18 12 2006

See, I HATE shopping this time of year too. Thats why I like to do it in August/September. . . .no stress.

I never get heartburn any other time than when I have KFC or shopping stress.

Needless to say if I need to fuel up at the malls mid Christmas shop, I’m not reaching for the KFC.

18 12 2006

Are you sure you mailed those cards or are we just not getting one ???

18 12 2006

I’m sure I just spelled your name wrong. . . . .probably went to the other McQuillans.

18 12 2006

Guess what ? I got your card today .Thank you and by the way who are the other McQuillans ?

18 12 2006

There are no other McQuillans. . . .I just never spell your name right. . . .all I meant was if it didn’t get to you guys, perhaps it got to another family with a last name spelt the way I spelled it.


Glad you got it. . .aren’t the moggies cute!

18 12 2006

yes they are very cute ..hope all goes well to morrow at the vets .

18 12 2006

I hope so too!

My poor little Manny!!!

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