7 12 2006

Today at lunch I’m doing Yoga in our new gym with Melanie and the Art Department Guys.

I’ll probably post an update later this afternoon. . . .



So I’m back at my desk after a rousing bit’o’yoga.

We had a good time.  I spoke to Melanie, and we are going to do it every Thursday.  We are going to start out by working more on stretches and balancing, then getting into more of the stances, holds and positions.

At the end we turned off the lights and layed down on the ground, concentrating on our breathing. . . . .Richard says. . . .”If anyone walks by, they might think we’re dead”. . . .we all burst out laughing. . . .

Next week some of the accounting girls are going to do it with us. . .  .




3 responses

4 02 2007

I had my first yoga class today
i’m sooo tierd 😛 !

5 02 2007

We are still trying to do it every week.

Its nice to have that break in your day. Its relaxing.

Much like Blogging!


14 03 2007

Today the boss did yoga with Melanie. . . .

And I have the photographic evidence. . . . . .

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