I’m Growing!

7 12 2006

I like to check out WordPress’ Top Blogs, and Growing Blogs lists, and guess what!  I was on the Growing Blogs list!!!  Wooohoooo for me!

My plan to take over the world has commenced!  Muuuuahhhhhahahahahah

pinky and the brain 

Thursday December 6th at 9:37 am I was listed as number 40!


growing blog

I would like to thank Vanilla Mini Wheats for this honour, as my blog posting about the frosted goodness is (I believe) the main reason why I ended up on the list.  (I got almost 100 hits yesterday alone from that blog entry! and I believe I’m in the top 5 site in Goggle www.google.ca if you look up ‘Mini Wheats Jingle’.)


Earlier this week Penseroso ( http://penseroso.wordpress.com/)  was  number 13, and I wish I had done a similar screen shot because he missed seeing his name in lights. . . . .


I’m moving up in the world!  Now I’m at 25! (Thursday 7th December, 10:49 am)

25th in thee top 100 growing blogs




2 responses

7 12 2006

Thanks for stopping by my site! I too check the “growing blogs” stats. My blog is only 2 weeks old so I have a while to go! 😉 But 120 people read a post I wrote a few days ago so that was fun!

7 12 2006


I really only got into keeping track of my states and full blown blogging in October. . .so I haven’t really been at it long either!

One big secret is to comment on lots of other people’s blogs. . . .

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