Hey Gift Horse, I’m Looking at You. . . .in the mouth!

6 12 2006

Ok, I know its poor Blogging ettiquette to blog about work on a personal blog, but I’m already guilty of it, so why stop now??

I got my Christmas bonus today.  And it blows.

For anyone who knows me, my work ethic, the amount of time I’m at the office (I work 9-5, but I generally hold hours of 8-6 at least),  the weekends I’ve come in to get extra work done, the times I front calls at home from my warehouses (weekends, 11 o’clock at night) and my general need to produce good work – I think you’ll agree that $127.84  is an absolute kick in the teeth . . . . .

Perhaps I should mention this is after the bloody taxes have been taken off . . . or does it really matter in this case?

I’m very disapointed and speechless I have nothing I can say.  So I’ll leave it as that.

gift horse




4 responses

6 12 2006
Christine Hann

That does blow! It won’t even pay for our trip the the One of a Kind Christmas craft sale! I think you’re worth a million dollars. Chris said it’s better than his bonus, he gets a dry turkey sandwich and only if he’s working on Christmas. It would be interesting to see how they calculate one’s Christmas bonus. I guess you have to look at it like it’s a bonus, better than a kick in the ass, but really not much!

7 12 2006

how much paintball time will that buy?

7 12 2006

Penseroso, that would buy you a day with a box a paintballs . . . .

11 12 2006

Well any updates???

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