The Outsider Attempts the Family Tree! Briggs Family

4 12 2006

My husband’s Mother’s side of the family is HUGE. . .  .in an attempt to show my superior skills at remembering names and relations, I give you. . . .the Briggs Family Tree. . .  .Based around Gramma Mabel Briggs, who recently passed away in October.

 Mabel Curtis was married to Harold Briggs.

They had 8 Children. (Oldest to youngest)

  1. Phillip Briggs (Married to Patrica)
  2. Lois (Married to Martin Webster)
  3. Dorothy (Married to Wendell Goodwin)
  4. Kathleen (Married to David Graham – My InLaws)
  5. David Briggs (Married to Kathy)
  6. Frances (Married to James Morrison)
  7. Thomas Briggs (Married to Nancy)
  8. Stepehn Briggs (Married to Roxanne)

Now the Cousins (Numbers here correspond to list above, Again oldest to youngest)


  • Henry Briggs
  • Patrica (Married to Walter Lovato.  Children:  Briana, Amanda & Ethan)
  • Ester Briggs
  • Peter Briggs (Married to Jocelyn)
  • Fred
  • Harold
  • Hannah


  • Eleanor (Married to John Mannell.  Children:  Luke, Micah, Aaron)
  • Julien Webster (RIP)
  • Alice (Married to Kostya Krassevin.  Children:  Joshua, Jonathan)
  • Andrew Webster


  • Gwendolyn Goodwin
  • Duncan Goodwin (Married to Anna.  Children:  Emily, Adriel)
  • Carolyn Goodwin(Partner with Robert Mol, Ex Husband Robert Fisher.  Children:  Samuel, Yvonne)
  • Marilyn (Married to Tom Miros.  Children:  Milan, Gabrielle)
  • Daniel Goodwin (Married to Rebecca.  Children:  Hannah, Ethan, Sophia)
  • Rosalyn Goodwin
  • Doralyn Goodwin
  • Jacalyn (Married to Stephen Attridge)


  • Colin Graham (Married to Joycelyn)
  • Paul Graham (To be Married to Kate Dias)



  • Luke Morrison
  • Eric Morrison (Married to Tamara)
  • Betony Morrison


  • Darryl Briggs
  • Sharon (Married to Ed McKie.  Children:  Joel, Tyler)
  • Gary Briggs (Married to Erin)
  • Roger Briggs


  • Susanne Briggs
  • Evan Briggs

family tree




4 responses

2 04 2007
Bobbie Leigh Briggs

My grandfather was Harley Donn Briggs but his father was not apart of his life. I wish I knew my great-grand fathers name but unfortunately I do not. I just thought I would reach out in the hopes of finding someone familar. My grandfather and his brother (Allen) have a number of children and all of us Briggs! If nothing else I would like to say Hello!

3 04 2007

Cool. . . . . .

I wonder if your related. . . . . .

5 06 2008
briggs family history

[…] Family. 4 12 2006. My husband??s Mother??s side of the family is HUGE. . . .in an attempt to … Family History Books at Half.comBuy Worldwide family history by Noel Currer-Briggs 1982 at […]

23 11 2009
Carl Walters

I know this is a long shot but my great grandfather was Thomas Briggs and he had a son John Briggs who was born in Chester in the UK in 1886. He emigrated to Canada, not sure where and I know it’s a big place. I think he had 4 children: Lloyd, Roy, Tom and Rose. I understand that Tom became an officer in the Canadian Navy. Another relative, maybe Tom’s wife is called Vesta. Are these related to your Briggs?

My name is Carl Walters and I live in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.
By the way I think your site is great!



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