The One of Kind Mad Hatter

4 12 2006

Yesterday I was set to go to the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto with my friend Christine.  She was going to pick me at 10am.

She called me at 9:05 am to tell me that poor little Ryan was in the hosptial.  He had been a little sniffly last week, and got a bit of cough this week.  After having to deal with Nurse Kratchet at Milton Hospital Ryan was set free, but will have to take an inhaler for a little bit.  The doctors believe he may have a type of bronchitis and perhaps he may have delveoped Asthma.  Luckily the little mite was ok, and Christine and I could still go to the “Crap Show” (as Chris calls it).

We got on our way to the show and once we got their we started off by making a round of the permiter.

I had had all intentions of buying Christmas gifts for others, but that didn’t really pan out.  I ended up only buying stuff for myself.  I got myself a tree ornament of a kitty playing with a ball with the year 2006 on it.  I also got this handmade fimo cats, which have thier names on them.  

On Saturday I found out that Paul and Kate’s wedding was a tad more formal than I thought it was going to be.  Alot of the men on Kate’s Mom’s side will be wearing full-on 9 yards of tartan goodness (They are Scottish, and by tartan goodness I mean Kilts), and being part of the United Kingdom, British custom is for the ladies wear formal dresses and hats to wedding.  Neither which I was prepared for.

The advice I had been given was to buy a hat, and get a dress to match.  So I was on the lookout for hats while we were at the show too.

We came across a vendor called ‘Lilliput hats’ and after trying on several hats, the lady at the stand suggested this large brimmed hat with delicate feathers on the side.  It was perfect!  Christine thought so too and convinced me I couldn’t let it pass.  I bought it on the spot.

I really enjoyed the show, the stuff was great!  My only reservation about the whole thing was the prices!  Some of them were astronomical!  I whole-heartly support local artisans and I would support them even more by buying their wares if they weren’t so darn expensive!!!

One vendor who was selling these styrofoam balls covered in tinfoil, then colour headed dressmakers pins with sequins were pressed into the now silver covered balls.

I made balls just like that when I was 6 for my mom’s Christmas tree.  They cost no more than a buck each to make, he was charging $18.00 each.   He was talking about how a few days of the show had been dead boring, he hadn’t sold anything and that it was almost not worth him coming out to the show at all.

Well DUHHHHHHH!  Any 6 year old can make what your selling.  . . . .(and probably do a better job too!)

Anyways, it was great to get to go out and gossip with Christine.  I really wish I could see her more often!

Thanks for the great day Christine!!!

mad hatter




4 responses

4 12 2006
Christine Hann

You look amazing in the hat! I want to come to the wedding to see you all done up with your hat! Well I hear Colin has some nice legs too, that might be worth a gander. Had the best time too! Ryan is well on route to recovery. He’s a trooper!

4 12 2006

I’m glad ryan is better.
You’ll get to see a million photos of the wedding.
Everyone and their dog will have a flashing digital camera. . . . . .You’ll think you were there.

5 12 2006

You’re hilarious. Your hat looks great. Sorry to disappoint, but not everyone on my side will be in a kilt (considering ‘half of my half’ are from Goa!) I think it’ll be just a few brave Scotsmen! All of the groomsmen will be though, including my little 3 yr old nephew. I have a feeling your man has a good leg for a kilt too!

It was awesome to see you this weekend, hope your drive back was good~

5 12 2006

ahhh, sorry about that Kate. . . .I made the nessasary changes – noting the Material parentage as Scottish. . . .

Weekend was good. . . .I just hate the long rides back to MTL. . . . .

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