A Walk in the (Battery) Park

4 12 2006

On Friday Night the weather was very very crappy.  There was snow, rain and freezing rain. 

When I got out to my car after work there was a thick cover of ice over all the windows.  I let my car warm up for about 20 minutes as I scapped off the ice.

The rain was still very very heavy as I left work.  There are a few conditions in which I don’t like driving.  Dark/Night time driving, driving in the rain/snow, icey road conditions and heavy traffic.  Friday checked all my concerns, I had planned with Colin to pick him up at (http://www.stm.info/English/metro/a-m52.htm)   Namur.  I went to Walmart and picked up some snacks for our trip back to Ontario.  We were going to go across the road to EB Games and buy Guitar Hero (http://www.guitarherogame.com/

I drove the car from the parking lot infront of Walmart to the Burger King parking lot and sat in the car with the radio going and the internal light so I could read a magazine.

The street lights weren’t working and alot of the local stores didn’t have lights.  The Burger King was completed closed!  I saw Colin walking up, and I went to turn the car on.

Wouldn’t start!  Crap!  Colin got to the car and called Scott, Scott came to boost our car, with his visiting dad in tow.  We bought jumper cables, so at least we have a pair of those now.  Thanks a MILLION Scott for coming out to rescue us!

The car started great in the morning of our long drive back to Ontario (we were worried it wouldn’t – but feared the wrath of Aunt Margaret more – we must have willed the car to start) The car seemed fine, although a tad more sluggy than usual.

On Sunday Colin and his dad took the car to Canadian Tire,  Mr Graham felt that we should just change the battery.  They brought the battery in to have the charge tested, and the meathead kid at the desk says to Mr Graham

“Yeah, like you need to replace it.  Battery is dead.”

Mr Graham said “Is that what the read out says?”

the meathead said “No.  Well I just hook the battery up, and the machine tells me if its a good battery or not.  the machine says your is not”

“Is it a scale?  How ‘dead’ is the battery” Asks Mr Graham.

“Dunno” said the meathead.

 The Gentlemen Graham decide to get a new battery for the car.  Mr Graham asks the Cashier how much money he would get off for exchanging the battery and the woman says “five dollars for the battery, sir”.  Mr Graham says to her “Nah then, we’ll keep it, my Tractor might need a boost one day”


And thats the story about how the battery got replaced in our car this weekend. . . .




2 responses

4 12 2006
Christine Hann

Just make sure the winter meats are installed. For you non-tire lingo people, meats are slang for tires. Goodyear would be great to help my dad’s stock, but at the least winter tires to make the road safer for everyone involved. Just remember SUV drivers need to adjust their driving for winter conditions too just like everyone else on the road! SUV’s need winter tires and appropriate winter driving. Enough of my plugs!

4 12 2006

yeah mum, i got me my winter meats. . . . .

(sounds dirty, doesn’t it?)

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