I Miss Kool-Aid

3 12 2006

I was walking through the drinks isle in the grocery store, and my hand reached up for a “Cranberry Breeze” box of Crystal Lite.

I paused.

I tilted my head and looked at the box and held it there for a moment. Just beyond my hand was the out of focus face of an oh to familar face. The Red Smiling Jug was looking at me, was it he that forced that pause? Was he controlling my subconscience?

I let my eyes focus for a moment, and put down the box of Crystal Lite. I let my hand brush the smooth canisters of funky kid approved fun powder.

No! I must not! Must resist.

I quickly moved out of the isle of temptation, and into the cookie row. . . . . .

kool aid




4 responses

4 12 2006
Christine Hann

This post has nothing to do with the topic, well let me try a segue… Speaking of nutrition, does it really effect ones skin? Ok I want to pass along some info on a gadget, since I know you are a gadget queen, it’s a gadget for zits. I was too lazy to look up the posting on zits. It’s a laser type device that helps fight the acne battle. Go to this website:


Here’s a testimonial from the site:
“I am extremely happy with the results. I have
tried Acutane, Pro-Activ and Zeno gets the best results.”

J Nadal
Long Beach, CA


4 12 2006

hey, listen. . . I know my skin looked crap yesterday – but don’t rub it in!!! hahahaahahahah

I’ve seen this thing, looks like a lighter. . . I’m afraid they would take it away from me in the customs lines at the airport!

4 12 2006
Christine Hann

Your skin doesn’t look like crap! I had crap skin when I was pregnant, plus for the skeemish out there, I got hairy too! I won’t go into much more detail, it’s now between my laser lady, me and my lucky husband! Just know that you like gadgets and it seems like there is a gadget for everything! Why not a zit zapper!

4 12 2006

i will definatly look into it. . . its very James Bond.

I wish insurance would cover it though . . . .

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