Licence to Live??

2 12 2006

I’ve been mulling this idea in my head for a while, trying to figure out how I wanted to branch it for my Blog.  In the end the ever popular mantra of “just wing it” took hold.

I think there should be more things that we have manditory training, testing and licences for.

Serveral examples are:

  • Driving – any vehicule (Training should be manditory, same with repeat testing)
  • Parenting
  • Pet Ownership
  • Marriage/Committed Relationship
  • Citizenship

Although I agree that some testing might become subjective – such as “disipline” if that was a testing item for parenting – these aren’t the types of things I mean.  I’m thinking more along the lines of common sense.

I can hear you now saying if its common sense then why bother?  Simple, people commonly don’t use their common sense.

I believe that if they were trained in these nessasary “life” things,  then tested (and perhaps re-tested as a refresher later on), and given a certified licence to do said life thing, I think we would have a heck of a lot less “Jerry Springer” moments.  There are enough Jerry Springer episodes on TV to last a life time.

Imagine training people to have a dog, or a cat.  I bet the amount of puppy mills  and back yard breeders would drop as well as the overpopulation crisis.  How about the number of abandoned pets?

I’m sure the number of marriages that fail would be way less if you have periodic tests about relationships.  The Catholics have got that one right, making parishioners do “marriage classes” before their wedding.

I think people who immigrate to other countries should be re-tested for their citizenship, and quizes given to people who are naturalized to the country.  I bet patriotism would go up, people’s knowledge of history would increase and the hangers-on who truly don’t deserve to take comfort in another country would be returned to where they came from.

How about having a licence to procreate.  Only people who meet a certain test score on the “common senses” of parenting would be granted a licence to make babies.  If we only screened all parents like we do would-be adoptive parents!!

Because you’ve been granted a licence to do these things, of course there would be a chance that by breaking the laws that governed  that licence you could have it stripped away, or have fines/other punishments put onto you. 

I know there would be skeptics to this idea, citing this is another bid for a “big brother” society, but I believe that if you live well and as virtuous as you can, then you really have nothing to hide or fear about this idea. . .  . .





One response

4 07 2011

And what if someone broke said law by having a child anyways? What would happen? Would they go to prison? Have their child taken away? Be fined and thus lose more of the money they needed to even care for the child? Unless everyone was on mandatory birth control until they got their baby machine license.. I don’t think that idea would work out.

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