My Heart Stopped: They Changed My Theme Tune! ER.

1 12 2006

Its been a few weeks since the new episodes of ER started up again.  I noticed on the first episode that they made a much shorter intro to the show.

 I thought, humpffffff. . .  perhaps its just a one week flubb or something.

The next week, same thing.  Joey, perhaps you need to give the new theme music a chance. . . .  . . .

Third week.  I listen intently. . . . .

This week.  I don’t like it.  I just don’t like it.  I don’t like it at all.  I tired, but I don’t like it.


I miss the old theme music, how can they change it now?  How awful would it be if Law and Order changing their theme, or how about the Young & the Restless, Coronation Street or even another famous ‘street’,  Seasame Street! 

These themes in themselves become institutions.  Comforting.  Recognizable.

 I love the old theme music enough that I actually put it on my IPod.

Part of me wants to start a petition to bring back the old theme music, part of me can’t be arsed. . . . .




3 responses

21 12 2006

I totally agree. The new music bums me out. I went to the NBC/ER page and at the bottom of the page it has a tab “contact us”. I clicked on that and then another page come up where you could pick a show that you had a comment about. I chose “ER” and gave them an earful. I have no idea if it matters to them, but this new music is LAME. HOW COULD THEY CHANGE IT NOW??? It’s like they are saying it’s over for ER.

I would sign a petition, too and pass it around. Not sure how to do that.

It’s just too sad and stupid that they changed it. Thanks for letting me vent.

23 02 2007
gavin courtney

I totally agree about the ER theme tune, its just not ER anymore. What can we do to get the original tune back. It has even come to the stage that when the credits come up I play the old theme tune on YouTube. Please bring back the old theme.

26 02 2007

I’m all open for ideas. . . .. .

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