Would I Be Moggie Meat?

28 11 2006

I know we’ve all heard in the famous dog vs cat arguement that a big plus for dogs is that if you died, they’d be so heart broken they’d starve themselves and die beside you.  Ever constant, ever vigilant.  Where as cats – well – cats will eat you.

As much as I would have to assume that if my demise came on the ‘earlier’ than ‘later’ of things, Colin would be around to ‘clean up’ as it were and this wouldn’t allow the moggies to make a meal of me.  But assuming the conditions are correct, and no one would be checking in on me or to moggies for a period of time and that they would now be hungry.

I say,  dearest moggies, eat away!  I just hope that my ‘meat’doesn’t spoil on them.  Perhaps I should teach them to make marinade for a steak tar-tar, or perhaps I need to teach them how to turn the stove one.  2 out of 3 of them are polydactyl, having thumbs has got to be good for something.

I’m making light of the topic, in short – I think any animal that has enough common sense to take care of their own in a desperate situation is worth to be idolized (oh wait the Egyptians already did that).  I appreicate that they are self-sufficient creatures.

Be back shortly, the moggies are hungry. . . .and they are giving me ‘that’ look. . . . .

scary kitten




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