Battening down the Hatches for Winter, The Hero of Guitars and The Bright Lights of Ile Perrot

25 11 2006

That is one LOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG title for an entry. . . .but I wanted to get it all in there instead of making three different entries.

Colin and Scott went out last night with the guys from work, Scott drove Colin home to island from downtown (what a nice guy!) Instead of driving alllllll the way back to the city, Scott stayed over.

He was cordially greeted by the moggies, who didn’t really venture very far from his side while he was here. Funny though, because he IS a cat person. Cats have a funny way of trying to hang out with the one person in the room who either a) hates them or b) is a die hard “dog person”. Weird breed those dog people.

In the morning I got up early and scrambled around tidying up things like the foot and a half of dishes in the sink, or the underware on the floor in the bathroom. Needless to say I wasn’t prepared for company, in fact I’m not really prepared to be ‘domestic’ either. I suck at it.

Anyways. I made some coffee, and then we went to the saturday morning quebequois institution that is the Bellepro (La Belle Provience in full) . Full breakfast with sasugages and eggs and french toast.

We divised our plan for the day, Scott decided he’d stick around the island and help us out.

We started by raking up all the leaves and cutting back all the dead leaves and plants. We then trimmed the “ugly tree” in the front yard. The aircondioner got covered, and all the summer equipment got brought into the house. The drains were fixed and the gutters cleaned out. We painted the pole for the front walk light, and re-painted our mailbox and numbers.

Then we moved onto the Christmas lights. I was ever so excited to put the lights up (I will hopefully post some pictures later). This is our first house, and the first time we’ve ever had Christmas lights. Even more than being merry and cheerful, it makes me feel like home. I now have a home more than a house or place to sleep and that feeling is just incredible!

We bought energy efficient LED lights. Blue for the roof of the house, and multicoloured for the “ugly tree”. We also have a little remote to turn the lights on and off. . . .I love gadgets. The house looks great, so good the Ugly Tree even looks nice.

After we were done in the yard and the lights were up we came back in and hooked up the PS2 to the gamming tv, Scott brought “GUITAR HERO”. Its this game were you get a huge controller that looks like a guitar and you have to ROCK OUT to some classic 80 and 90s hard rock.

I’m not very good but its a good laugh.

I think I will get Colin the XBOX 360 version for Christmas, its wireless.

All in all, a very good day. It feels good to accomplish so much in a day. I don’t think I wasted any moment.

Great weather, a good friend, husband, moggies, good food and lots to drink.. . . .life is good.

Back to Guitar Hero. . . .its my turn.

guitar hero

guitar hero




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