Switching Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

24 11 2006

Wikipedia says that THANKSGIVING is:

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is an annual one-day holiday to give thanks (traditionally to a God), for the things one has at the close of the harvest season.

Wikipedia saya that BLACK FRIDAY is:

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is historically one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. Many consider it the “official” beginning to the Christmas season. Most retailers will open very early and usually provide massive discounts on their products, and offer doorbuster deals to draw people to their stores.

Let me start off by saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and Happy Black Friday shopping.

Ok. . . .

I find Thanksgiving a hipocracy in the USA. It is nothing more that a day you get off work, and I’m embarrased for all Americans. All Americans.

Thanksgiving in its most tradtional sense doesn’t really apply to the average American anymore, unless you are a farmer, but the underlying theme of the original Thanksgiving meals was to give. . . . .*gasp*. . . . thanks. Heck, they built the darn work into the name of the holiday – this isn’t a hard one folks.

I watch the antics of shoppers on Black Friday on CNN and other news channels on and off every year. The profanities being shouted, the little old ladies who drop their shoulders and line drive into crowds like a defensive lineman in football scrimage, the herds of people willing to trample over their own if they lag behind. Only the strong survive!!!

Its a very very sad state of affairs. And why?

So this is what I propose. Switching the days of these two ‘holidays’. Americans would now adopt “Black Thursday” and have turkey on Friday, this would mean no break in the work week and truly a ‘long weekend’.

This would also mean that when you are sitting around your table, now nursing your ‘battle war wounds’ from a day of shopping, you can truly be THANKFUL for something. . . . . .

. . . . . Thankful you didn’t get runover, punched, kicked, knifed, shot, or simply verbally abused. Or perhaps you are thankful that you survived any/some/all of the before mentioned.

This would litterally mean putting the “THANK” back into Thanksgiving.

Its my opinion that the only people this would really throw off is Macy’s, who will now have to put their parade on one day later. . . . .

Shoppers on Black Friday








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24 11 2006

Well, you don’t need to feel embarrassed for me, because I stayed home all day and was not at all interested in shoping. In fact, I know plenty of people who view the post-Thanksgiving shopping event as pure madness as well.

It’s easy to assume that senstational media coverage gives you an accurate portrayal of an entire society. But what those news shows tend to cover is extreme behavior and extreme events. There were many more people not shopping than there were shopping.

But they’re not the interesting ones, are they? No, those are boring people doing boring, sensible things like sitting at home listening to the stereo or watching a movie of talking with friends and family. Then again, there were tons of people who DON’T have the day after Thanksgiving off and were working.

Work? That’s not exciting! That’s not sensational! Let’s not put that on TV. No, let’s just get a shot of the morons storming the doors of Best Buy and Walmart for a copy of Play Station 3.

Finally, where’s the hypocrisy? The idea of Thanksgiving is not limited to farmers celebrating a good harvest; it has expanded to include the idea of gratitude for whatever blessings life has afforded us.

25 11 2006

See thats part of my point. The the original meaning of Thanksgiving isn’t really vaild for all like it was. . . . I guess I didn’t explain myself correctly. Family togetherness, being thankful for fruitfulness(of any kind), health. . . .all things to be thanful for, and the type of Thankfulness that is vaild (still) today.

Now, I’m lumping all Americans together in a backward “whats good for the goose is good for the gander” kind of idea. When Black history month comes by, don’t you feel a little guilty to ALL blacks about slavery? I know for me I felt horrible and wanted to hug Jewish people when I read “The Diary of Anne Frank” – humans naturally lump things together, its easier for assosciation. And for the most part Americans like to associate themselves to Americans and no one much else. Opppppps, there I go again.

I still think my idea of switching dates makes alot of sense, you even hightlighed for me a reason why. . . .then Thanksgiving becomes a true holiday in the more contemporary and modern sense – a long weekend – so people who don’t get “Black Friday” off would now get the Friday off as it would be Thanksgiving, see how much sense that makes.

As for staying home, have you always stayed home? Or has a past memory embedded deep in you deepest conscience kept you from donning your padding, steel toe boots and metal knuckles for another fun day of shopping at Target?

You did raise one point that is very true, about the fact that media only shows people who fall out of the realm of norm. Of course the people who attack each other over the last copy of “The Little Mermaid” or the grandmothers with bloodied noses fighting over a sea foam green cashmire sweater that is 3 sizes to big are a heck of alot more interesting. If I remember correctly, (I couldn’t be arsed to look it up), wasn’t it something like 10 people across the US died from Black Friday Shopping related injuries and stresses alone last year? Ahhhhhh, now I understand why you stayed home.

One of the guys who works in our California warehouse went out shopping with his wife, they got up at stupid in the morning, waiting in lines. And he says to me, “Joey, we’ve been shopping all day, people have been mean, pushing shoving, and all I saved was 30 bucks. I wish I had a Thanksgiving dinner to go home to”

After hearing him say that, I actually thought about hopping back on here and adding that to my entry.

The Hypocricy is the fact that the “mall rats” as it were don’t appear to be very thankful for anything. Everyone talks about being thankful one day, and the VERY NEXT DAY they willing to punch babies, or piss on wounds. . . . . Doesn’t sound very puritan to me!

The other option could be to have Thanksgiving when Canadians have Thanksgiving (In October) Again, the only people this might truly throw off is Macy’s -giving them a month LESS to set up. You could have it on ‘Columbus Day’ (which is the same day as our Thanksgiving)

Not only does that actually coincide with the end of the real harvest, its also right around my birthday, so you can give THANKS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!


25 11 2006

OK, well if it’s to give thanks for you, then I’m all for moving the holiday back to October! 🙂

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