100 Things About Me

24 11 2006

I’m stealing this idea for an entry from another blog I visited, and that website ’43 things’ – here is 100+ factoids and tidbits about yours truly . . . . .

  1. I hate tomatoes
  2. I cannot (under any circumstances) sleep with the tags of my bedding not at the bottom left-hand side of the bed.
  3. I am the oldest ‘child’ in my family. I don’t have any older cousins or anything. I have 1 brother and 1 sister, and only 5 cousins total.
  4. I’m a “cat person”.
  5. I am anal retentive about signaling when I drive.
  6. I was the third woman in Canada to be a certified Box Lacrosse referee.
  7. Hate socks, Love sandals. If I could live my whole life in sandals I would.
  8. I can’t knit. But I’d like to learn.
  9. I had my birthmark removed when I was 14. It was on my forehead.  The scar is not even noticeable now.  The cut was 1.5 inches long and I had almost 30 stitches, I had a plastic surgeon do the removal.
  10. I chew pens.
  11. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee, but can’t stand the taste.
  12. One of my favourite films is “High Fidelity”
  13. My one hour of must watch TV is “ER”
  14. I have lots of “food phobias” – my biggest fear is spaghetti and meatballs.
  15. I wanted to be race car driver when I was younger.
  16. I taught dancing. Tap, Ballet and Jazz (among others)
  17. I always give the same gift for weddings. Its my signature gift.
  18. I always print, my cursive handwriting is very poor.
  19. I’d love to own a Shelby Cobra edition Mustang in Blue with white racing stripes, or a Mercedes C230 hatch in lime green.
  20. I don’t cook very well, but I try.
  21. I collect pro paintball jerseys, coins and cheesy magnets.
  22. I’d love to go to Sweden.
  23. I will clean hair out of the bathroom drains, but won’t clean out food from the sink drain.
  24. I love decorating Christmas trees.
  25. I have “ad night” with Marty. We sit together once a week and read the circulars from the local stores in bed.
  26. I love baths. With lots and lots of bubbles.
  27. I have asthma.
  28. I’m allergic to real Christmas trees, and some dryer sheets.
  29. When I get super-stressed, I get heartburn
  30. I have a Blackberry, but I don’t think I am addicted it it.
  31. I hated Colin the first time I met him.
  32. I still call my inlaws “Mr and Mrs Graham
  33. I always order a slice of lime with my coke in restaurants.
  34. I could eat sushi for every meal if I could.
  35. I want to learn karate.
  36. I love “Dollarama”.
  37. I don’t fly well, but I love travelling.
  38. I prefer to write in black ink over blue ink.
  39. I write my Christmas cards a month early every year.
  40. I don’t swim very well.
  41. I’ve already planned all the changed and renovations I’d like to make to our house. I have a binder.
  42. I’d love to get married all over again in Vegas. (To Colin of course)
  43. I try not to buy any ‘Proctor and Gamble’ products, as they test on animals.
  44. I read magazines, but don’t spend enough time with “real books”
  45. I’m a horrible speller.
  46. I fear death.
  47. I still have all the letters I wrote during classes in high-school in a tin at my folks place.
  48. I was a pretty good artist when I was younger, I took art classes.
  49. I had a poem published in a book when I was in grade 5. It was about a black cat.
  50. I wore a florescent pink dress to the first middle school dance I went to.
  51. Joey McInyre was my favourite member of “New Kids on the Block”.
  52. Manilli Vanilli was the first tape I ever bought with my own money.
  53. Wham! Make it Big was the first tape I was ever given.  I played that cassette until the tape was stretched and wouldn’t play any more.
  54. I took CPR courses every year when I worked at A&P.
  55. I prefer “drive through” parking places at malls, and will park much further from the door if I can get a drive through.
  56. I love red.
  57. I spend way more on eyeglasses frames than I should. (They are the only designer thing I splurge on)
  58. I don’t have that “maternal instinct” and often I feel guilty about it.
  59. I donate money every year to Ronald MacDonald House & Make A Wish Foundation. I prefer not to donate directly to ‘dieseases’
  60. I think I have a mild case of dyslexia.
  61. I rubbed my nose so hard up and down when I was young, I have a crease across my nose.
  62. I secretly want to get a tattoo.  A butterfly as a living memorial to my Nanny.
  63. I love thunderstorms.
  64. I have a scar on my back from an office chair that “attacked” me.
  65. I suck at math.  But my transcripts all have good marks.  I took summer school and upgraded all my math marks.
  66. I have very brittle fingernails.
  67. I love sleeping.
  68. I adore sleeping on new, fresh, high tread-count sheets.
  69. My Nanny is my biggest hero.
  70. I have to pee all the time.
  71. I had a collection of GI Joes when I was younger.
  72. I’ve never had a cavity in my teeth.
  73. I love theme parks, but I hate heights. I will, however, still go on rollercoasters provided they aren’t wooden. I won’t go on height drop rides, or my biggest fear – Ferris Wheels.
  74. I prefer lip gloss to lip stick.
  75. I have really wide feet.
  76. I love Walmart, and hate Zellers.
  77. Ryan Hann is the only baby that doesn’t cry when I hold him.
  78. I look up every single email ‘urban legend’ I get on www.snopes.com
  79. I speak more and better French than I lead onto.
  80. I wish I could lose weight, but I love to eat to much.
  81. I love extra cheese on my pizza.
  82. I practise tap dance time steps when waiting in lines at grocery stores.
  83. I have dandruff, and it sucks.
  84. I have night myopia, and prefer not to drive at night.
  85. I once nearly ran into Elvis Stoko (literally) at the CNE one year.
  86. I like to touch paintings at museums. I’ve touched “Whistler’s Mother”.
  87. I have shoplifted before, although I’m not proud of it.
  88. I like sour/tart apples – like Granny Smith.
  89. I have short chubby fingers like my dad. I also inherited his pre-mature grey hair. I’ve been going grey since I was 12.
  90. I like to sing show tunes in my car.
  91. I prefer to drink soda from a can than a bottle. I like the “tin-ny” taste.
  92. I’m the shortest one in my immediate family. I’m 5’8″. My Mom is 5’10”, my sister is 5”9″, my dad is 6′ and my brother is 6’7″.
  93. My hair is very very thick.
  94. I’d love to learn photography.
  95. My maiden name “DeCaire” is french, it means “Of Cairo”. Its from the Napoleonic War, when Napoleon invaded Egypt.
  96. I’m a Libra, I was born year of the Horse and my natural element is Earth.
  97. I crave savory/salty things more than sweet.
  98. My favourite Chocolate bar is “Max 5”.
  99. I’m crap at replying to emails, but I love to receive them
  100. I really enjoy the TV Show “Bones”, based on the book by Kathy Reich. I had bought the book about 4 years ago (long before the TV show), got to the last chapter and never finished it because I thought it was boring and I didn’t care a bout the characters.
  101. I sometimes pop my zits.
  102. I can drink a super-huge Slush Puppy/Slurpee in like 5 minutes without getting brain-freeze.
  103. I will try any food, provided I don’t know what it is first.
  104. I’ve travelled all over Europe and the USA, but I’ve only ever been to two provinces (Ontario and Quebec) in my home country.
  105. One of my paternal grandfathers is in the Football Hall of fame.  He was on the first Toronto Argonauts team.
  106. I love to get letters in the mail.
  107. I can tell my cats apart by smell alone.
  108. I know what Orks, Space Marines and The Imperial Guard is – and I blame Colin.



9 responses

24 11 2006

This is an intriguing idea. I think I’ll put together something like this on my “about” page.

Interesting take on coffee, by the way. Too bad you can’t stand the taste. I’ll have to persuade you to try it more. 🙂

24 11 2006

I thought the same thing about putting it on my ‘about’ page, but I wanted to write this post and then I wanted it to go away. . .(Part of me thinks I wear my heart on my sleeve too much while blogging)

So I thought if I made it a daily entry it would fall into the depths of my Blog. . .and I could be happy I wrote it, but didn’t have to ‘look’ at it all the time.

I did however link this post in my about page. . . .

24 11 2006

Hmmm . . . good thinking. I know what you mean: write it down, feel good about it, but don’t have it “out there” all the time.

As for wearing your heart on your sleeve, you have to do a little bit of that in a personal blog like this one (and mine) because our blogs are mainly about ourselves and what we think. It would be a little different if your blog were just about cats or just about paintball. But if you’re trying to give readers a full picture of who you are and what your life is like, then they’re going to want a taste of what makes you tick. That list of 100 things is a pretty good way to accomplish this.

4 05 2007

I think my list would consist of:
1. Too ADD to type out 100 things, haha

4 05 2007

Its easier than you think, but certainly difficult to do all in one sitting. . . . .


Give it a try.

Joe, be sure to leave your website link next time 🙂


28 05 2007
Katie Sister

hahah joey some of those are pretty funny! you need to add you like picking your nose too:)

1 08 2007

Like your list. Great Idea!

1 08 2007

thanks marcibones. . . .

6 08 2007
It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later :) « joey moggie

[…] When I started my blog, I actually did a list of 100+ things about me, if you want read that – my post is here […]

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