The Pee Theory

22 11 2006

When I was like 11 I came up with what I cleverly called “The Pee Theory”

The theory was that everything we drink was at one time was pee. (Please remember I was 11)

Basically that we drink water (or other beverage) it moves through our system and gets peed out. From there it gets flushed through the drainage and sewer systems, some of the liquid evaporated into the sky, some goes right to treatment. The evaporated water condenses and becomes rain or snow and falls back to the earth. From there it flows into lakes and streams and is collected and treated to be made back into beverages. . . . and the cycle starts again.

I really wish someone had just told me this was actually just called “The Water Cycle” . . . . Might have stopped me from coming up with “The Poo Theory”




One response

25 04 2008
kitty go meow x3

that is so true..i wonder what happens to our crap?

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