A day with a Grimwoo

20 11 2006

Saturday, 12:06pm. The doorbell rings.

“What? he’s here ALREADY! Joey!!” Colin yells

“Get the Doooorrrrrr” he pants. “This isn’t Grimwood time? He wasn’t supposed to be here for another hour!” A puzzled tone in his voice. “At LEAST!” he adds.

I race up the stairs from the basement and open the door.

“Hey Geoff, how’s it going” I start “Do you know what time it is?”

“Its 6 minutes after 12, why?” he says with an evil little glint in his eye

For those that know Geoff Grimwood and his family, they all keep their own special calendar and clock. We like to call this “Grimwood Time”, in all the times we’ve gotten together with Geoff (and Becky) they are always, without fail, late. Even their wedding started late.

Perhaps the birth of Naomi has changed them.

Let this day go down in history as the day that Geoff Grimwood, the highest most devote keeper of ‘Grimwood Time’, was ON TIME.

(I’ve been asked if my title for this blog entry is a spelling mistake, and no, its not. When Geoff went to Uni his name was too long for his email address and when they issued it – it was without the “D” – so since then, he has always been ‘GRIMWOO’)




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