Wish List

13 11 2006

wish list

With Christmas mear days away, I thought it the pursuit of good gift giving I’d write a SMALL list (Updated as I see appropriate) of items which would tickle my fancy. This list may be used for any gift giving occasion. . . .

Ah hemmmmmm; In no particular order. . . . .

    To Be Continued. . . . . . . . 🙂

    I’ve also made a list of gift ideas for Colin

    • “Christmas Sweater ” (A DeCaire family tradition) Thanks Family
    • Tools (any tools) – Dremel tool Thank you Paul & Kate, laser level Thank you DeCaire Family, staple gun (we have a compressor)
    • Socks (short ones) Thank you Santa (Mom Graham)
    • DVD Camcorder (the one you put the mini DVD into and record right onto disk)
    • New BBQ
    • BBQ tools (we have a cheap set and it blows) Thank you DeCaire Family
    • Fireplace tools
    • New lawn mower
    • Electric Hedge Trimmer
    • Good portable phone for home Thank you Joey & Colin (We just bought this ourselves)
    • “Gallant” desk in white from Ikea, metal angeled legs
    • Memory Foam pillow
    • Power washer
    • Deluxe Wacom tablet
    • Comic Books
    • Gift Certificates: Chapters, Silver Snail, Old Navy
    • Handheld saw



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