Protection by CAT for BURGLARS

9 11 2006

So, its World Cup this weekend, and Colin is in Florida. I get to stay back and answer phones for work. But I’m not bitter, honest.

Anyways, I hate staying home by myself at night. I get myself all worked up, and never get a wink of sleep.

I think about people breaking into my house, serial killers, aliens, ghosts. . . you name it.

I have a nightly ritual when I’m by myself where I go from door to door, window to window and I check and double check the locks, put dowling in the slide tracks and pull the curtains closed. I had my small herd of cats follow me around and watch with titled heads as I continued said ritual.

I was talking to them, and told them that I was scared. The three of them set vigal at the end of my bed all night. . . . They really knew I needed them. I had a pretty good night sleep .





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