Scheduled to the Hilt this Weekend!

21 10 2006

So we asked Chris Coburn to watch the cats while we are back in Ontario this weekend.

Colin might have forgotten to tell him about Manny. . . . . .I hope he feeds him!

I think the three bowls might give it away though . . . . .

So we are heading back to Ontario on Friday night.

Saturday we have the wedding, but before the 1pm wedding we have to have the plaques engraved, and I need a pair of stockings, and I’d like a hat and a pashmina to wear. . . I wonder if we will have time? Plus I’ll still need to go to my Mom’s so my sister can do my hair.

Sunday we are going to Brunch with Paul and Kate in Oakville, we are going to Kate’s favourite restaurant ‘Stoney’s’

Monday is Colin’s day of rest. I’m trying to convince him to build another ‘cat gym’ – we’ll see how that goes. I’m going to spend some time with Christine, working on our Garter project. We’ll need to go have a meal at my folks house too.

Tuesday at 1pm is Gramma Briggs’ funeral in Sutton. From there we are heading back to Montreal.

Its going to be a long one. . . . .




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