The MANNYiac is here to stay!

17 10 2006

Yesterday after almost a week of “scent distrubution”* and room seperation we decided to see how the cat crew got along.

We were pleasently surprised that we did not have any all out cat brawls. .

One thing we were not expecting . . .the half pound micro-cat chasing and ‘pwning’ Marty! He bounded, chased and arched his back at the current resident male cat of our household. . . .

Minou seemed fine with the mini-invader, after soom serious ass-sniffing.

We have opted to keep the kitten seperated while we are not home for the next couple of days, and by this time next week, they will all be running free. . . .

I’m glad I had the patience to introduce them correctly.

* Scent distrubution is a way to transfer one cat’s smell to the other so they become familar, we did this by rubbing an old sock on one cat, and rubbing it on Manny and Vice-Versa. . . . .




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